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Live your life on purpose

Become a Master Holistic Therapist Educator.

Train holistic therapists live on campus 
and help make the world a better place

Training people to establish and run their own holistic therapist training organizations is what we do.
We have been doing it for a long time now, and we are extremely good at it! 
Become a training provider
We can provide you with everything you need to open and successfully run your own industry-accredited holistic training organization.
The best training courses
We provide all the training you need to confidently deliver award-winning practitioner training courses. 

We also supply your curriculum, resources, guidance, step-by-step processes and ongoing support to help you build a successful holistic training organization. 

Live a life filled with purpose
We can provide a training pathway so you can build a beautiful lifestyle and a great income, work the hours you choose, and, best of all, you can help thousands of people live happier
and healthier lives.

Become a Certified Holistic Therapist Trainer

Follow your passion and live an abundant life with the freedom to create prosperity and a perfect work/life balance.

If you feel called to make a positive difference in the world and you want to help people live happier and healthier lives, this may be the perfect training program for you.

Well-trained, ethical, holistic wellness practitioners have never been needed more than right now!

Our high-support Master Holistic Therapist Educator Program will empower you with professional skills, in-depth curriculum knowledge, and the confidence to deliver exceptional training to your students.

Students who have not already completed the Mind Body Education training program they will be delivering through their own training organization will complete that program in conjunction with the course modules.

We will also guide you in establishing every aspect of setting up and running your own holistic training organization through the comprehensive modules listed below.

The Master Holistic Therapist Educator Training Program

Study 100% online from the comfort of your own home at times that work for you.

 Part One 
Throughout this program, you will receive a great deal of live support, including extensive teacher training :
Live Zoom classes - Students are required to either attend or watch a video recording of each meeting (if you cannot attend ) and complete review forms.
1. Fortnightly Teacher Master Classes with Isabelle - Wednesdays  at 9 am to 10 am Qld Australia time. (Tuesday evening in America).
2. Fortnightly Entrepreneurship Masterclass- Tuesdays at 9 am to 10 am Qld Australia time. (Monday evening in America).
3. Weekly Q and A / general support with Olivia - This is an opportunity to review the past week and discuss any problems you need support with.

1.  Explore the role of a holistic training provider
2.   Time management – working in your own business - what to do yourself and what to  outsource
3.   Workspace and equipment – Apps and programs
4.   Mindset – prosperity consciousness - manifesting – affirmations – creating your vision
5.   Planning your offerings – Building a business out of your passion
6.   Target audiences - Identify exactly who needs your services and is willing to pay for them
7.   Building your brand – image – look -  feel – flavour
8.   Setting up the foundations of your business – Administration - enrolment process, student forms and internal records
9.   Building your website (part one)  and using simple programs to develop  exceptional marketing and content - while saving you time
10. Building a website (part two) and exploring local marketing (networking and referral programs) to help build your audience
11.  Building a website (part three) and launch your new website 
12.   Marketing – Deep dive into developing outstanding marketing campaigns, including digital and physical advertising. 
13 Learn to use Facebook and Instagram for business 
14.  Launch your marketing campaign and open your holistic training organization for enrolments
15.   Content creation – Making videos to attract new students 
Commence your  Holistic Training and Assessment component - developing strong teaching skills.
16. Content creation – Using value-packed eBooks to level up your marketing
17.   Using Kartra for automated email and leads building (part one)
18.   Using Kartra for automated email and leads building  (part two)
19.   Sales – how to convert enquiries into enrolments
20 - Customer service – Developing professionalism and high-quality communication skills and reviewing and optimizing your marketing strategies 

Part Two

At this stage, you will be running your new holistic training organization, and we anticipate generating an income. The hours required for your course will lessen as we support you in developing your teaching skills and building your business. 

You will receive live support:
Live Zoom classes - Students are required to either attend or watch a video recording of each meeting (if you cannot attend ) and complete review forms. 
1. Fortnightly Teacher Master Classes with Isabelle 
2. Fortnightly Marketing Masterclass 
3. Weekly Q and A / general support with Olivia  - This is an opportunity to review the past week and discuss any problems you need support with. 

Students will submit weekly review/feedback forms and receive individual support where required.

You can also connect with your classmates and teachers to receive information, inspiration and support whenever you need it through our exclusive social media group. 

We can help you become a success story too! 

So many great success stories 

Ultimately your success is up to you, but you can be sure we will be doing everything we can to help. 
  • We have over 22 training providers delivering our courses all over the world. 
  • Some have been with us since we started this program in 2016.
  • Most new training providers move to being fully self-employed in their own holistic training business within six months to a year.
  • One of our new training providers took 70 enrolments in her first intake. 
  • One of our training providers took around 350  new students last year. 

We will help you gain all the skills
you need to succeed

On successful completion of part one of your training program, you will be licensed to deliver internationally industry-approved and award-winning Mind-Body Education training courses.

You will have your own business with a website, social media platforms, and other business requirements, like legal documentation, logos, enrollment forms, etc., all set up and ready to go.

We will provide you with a course delivery dashboard full of fantastic, high-demand, industry-approved training courses and ongoing support to help you succeed.

Following our tried and tested program will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in establishing your own industry-approved holistic training organization.

While it will be completely your own business (not a franchise or a branch), we will be there whenever you need support, connection, skills development, or guidance. 

Our support continues once your 12-month program is complete, and you will have to ability to renew your license agreement each year. 

The Intellectual Property License Agreement is renewable annually at a fee of $15,000 plus GST. 

Annual Intellectual Property License Agreement renewal is reduced to $10,000 plus GST per year for graduates of this program.  

The Intellectual Property License Agreement

The Intellectual Property License Agreement provides you with the legal right to deliver the
Mind Body Education training programs. 

It is a simple and legally binding document that ensures you and the managing director of Mind Body Education both know exactly what to expect from each other. It protects your investment.
It is very straightforward and easy to read. 

Your first intellectual property license agreement is provided free with your Master Holistic Therapist Educator Training program course fee.

 You will be able to renew your license to continue using the Mind Body Education Program and grow your business each year after you graduate.

Future licenses are renewable every 12 months. You will continue to receive a huge amount of support, resources, and connection to the community.  

Your success is our priority.

What will you teach through your holistic training organization?

Graduates can choose to teach either the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist Training Program or 
he Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, and Empowerment  Coach Program 
on-campus anywhere in your home state through as many campuses as you choose and via virtual classrooms under certain conditions.

If you have not already completed the course you wish to deliver, we will provide that training for you.

Please see the details of the course you will be provided with through your intellectual property license agreement below.

The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist Training Program

This program includes the 20-module HICAT training program.

The Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, and Empowerment Coach Program

This program includes the Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development plus 21 Postgraduate courses.

The best courses

We will guide you in setting up your new training organization, where you will be able to offer the most industry-accredited, internationally recognized, and highly awarded courses available in our field. 

You will be able to ride the wave of our 15 years in the Holistic Therapies Training industry and benefit from our success. 

Do I need to have completed the training course I wish to teach myself before enrolling in this program?

No-  We will provide you with fully supported training in the course you are going to deliver if you have not already completed that course.  Either the  Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training Program or the  Meditation Teacher Training Program. 

What percentage of my profits will I need to pay Mind Body Education each year?

None! You only need to pay your annual license fee. There are no extra fees. Once you graduate, your business is your own, and we do not ask you about how much money you make.

Will you tell me what to charge for my courses?

Your training organization is your own business. It is not a franchise or a branch. You can decide what to charge for your programs yourself. We suggest keeping your course fees in the vicinity of the other MBE training providers, who you can find here

Will I own the courses?

No the Intellectual Property License agreement is a bit like leasing the courses. Your annual license fee gives you the right to deliver the courses through your own training organization for the duration of the agreement. Unlike many other similar programs, we also provide you with a lot of extra resources and loads of support to help you succeed.

How much money can I expect to make each year?

Our training providers mostly make between AUD70,000 and AUD600,000 a year, depending on which licenses they have and where they teach. We can help you plan to create the income you want.

Why should I use MBE programs?

The Mind Body Education (MBE) Holistic Therapist Training programs are the accumulation of more than thirty years of experience. They are all evidence-based and have been tried and tested, with thousands of students have completed the course through dozens of independent training providers. The hard work, huge expense, hoop-jumping, mistake making and award-winning have all been done for you, saving you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and several pretty bad headaches. 
Behind every amazing holistic therapist, there is a truly awesome training provider, we can help make that be you. 

Is this the right training program
for you?

Do you think this might be exactly what you have been waiting for? 
  • Are you ready to step into the next exciting phase of your life?
  • Do you want a life filled with abundance, freedom and purpose?
  • Is it time you earned the income you really deserve and worked the hours you choose?
  • Do you want to have a positive impact on other people's lives?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself? 

 Isabelle built Mind Body Education from a dream into an internationally recognized, award-winning training organization over the last 15 years.
Her blueprint for success has worked for her own college and for many other training providers.
It can work for you too.   

Course Fees, Place Availability and Enrolments

This program is only available to residents of Australia and the United States of America. 

There are a limited number of places available in this program because there is a set number of intellectual property licenses available in each state of Australia.

Placements for this course are available for students living in the following locations. 

The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist Training Program

All states of America 

The Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, and Empowerment Coach Program

All states of America 

Commencement Date:  January 29th 2024

Study Hours 

Undergraduates: You have not completed the Mind Body Education training course you wish to train to deliver and will be provided with the full study program. 
You will need to study for an additional 10 hours per week  (a total of 25 hours per week) to complete both training programs.   This includes time to run your new business in part 2 of the program. 

Postgraduates: You have completed t
he Mind Body Education training course you wish to train to deliver. You will need to study for a total of 15 hours per week to complete the training program. This includes time to run your new business in part 2 of the program.

Course Fee: Shown in Australian Dollars.

Undergraduates: $6,000 plus GST
Undergraduates Early Bird Fee: $5,000 plus GST (until December 18th ONLY)

Postgraduates (with RPL):  $5,000 plus GST