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Our training courses are internationally industry accredited and are offered on-campus and online,
through independent training providers all over the world including; Australia, America, Brazil, Ireland, India, Russia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Mind Body Education Proprietary Limited is an independent global education provider, registered in Australia.

Australian Company Number: 626 413 045

Formally the Inner-Voyage College since 2008, our brands include the
 International Meditation Teachers and Therapist Association (IMTTA) 
and the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association (HICATA)

We have been providing holistic therapies training courses and fully supported career pathways for holistic therapists for more than 12 years. . We have been assisting people to establish successful, sustainable and ethical training organizations, delivering our training courses since 2016.

In September 2020, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists presented us with their Seal of Excellence, Global Education Ambassador Award.



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Our Ethos


We are focused on training reputable, dedicated, ethical and well trained professional therapists who see the person as a whole,
the disease or disorder as a symptom and the solution as empowering for the client.


We are nondenominational and non-sectarian.
Our therapies provide pathways to healing, personal development and spiritual growth for all people,
regardless of their cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs.


We passionately support and promote awareness that the practice of Meditation, in all its varied forms, including the creative arts,
as a superior healing modality that is free, natural and safe.

Meditation is suitable for all people.
It has a history in all cultures which is thousands of years old and has been extensively studied over the past thirty years and proven to facilitate astoundingly powerful positive changes in the body and the mind. These scientifically supported changes significantly contribute to healing, better health and greater happiness.

Meditation is not just sitting in the lotus position and thinking nothing (though that is awesome too).
Meditation is about presence, self-awareness, 'nowness' and freedom from the burden of a scattered mind.
Meditation can be achieved in many ways including sitting, chanting, walking, dancing, making art, connecting with nature, listening to or making music, and so many more wonderful ways.

The result of meditation is achieving a mind that is calm and focused and a brain that has a healthy chemical balance.
This results in a healthy balance of neurochemicals and hormones in the body,
which provides a healthy environment for cells to live and reproduce in.
It's science!


We are dedicated to supporting education and growth in the practice of holistic healing arts, including meditation in all its forms, throughout the world, as the most powerful way to bring peace, balance and good health to individuals from all walks of life, and as a result... peace on earth, through awakening people and empowering them to live fully in their true compassionate nature.


We view the practice of meditation as a healing modality along with other self-empowering, natural and peaceful holistic practices as primary therapies that fundamentally support all other healing modalities because, while all illness is linked to chemical activity within the body, which influences the development and wellbeing of our cells, meditation facilitates a return to the healthy balance of neurochemicals and contributes to the development of strong, healthy cells and effective immunology.

Stress is now being recognized as a major contributor to disease and premature death.
Meditation has been proven, beyond any doubt, to be the most effective, safest and readily accessible means of reducing, controlling and even eliminating negative stress.


Our training course curriculum provides a student with:

Evidence-based, ethical training that prepares teachers and therapists to have a deep understanding of how the whole human functions.

A vast variety of complementary and natural therapies techniques and styles; Both contemporary and traditional.

An understanding of individual learning styles to assist their own students and clients to understand and practice the therapies that best suit them and their lifestyles

Holistic counselling skills, enabling them to support their students and clients through any challenges which may arise for them in a heart centred, empowering and reflective way.


We genuinely do believe in an ideal world, where every person lives in peace and harmony without fear or poverty; where good health and abundance is the paradigm; where the earth and all creatures on it are respected and cared for and we absolutely believe this new world is getting closer every day.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to further the role of consciousness, ethics and values in every area of life, including in business and create business policies
that respect all people as individuals.

Our Conscious Business Policy:

To protect the environment rather than destroy it

To care for humanity rather than exploit it

To practice selflessness rather than selfishness

To give rather than take and to place the value of life infinitely above the value of financial gain.


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“Industry” versus “Modality” Accreditation

Modality-based Associations are usually owned by the same people who own training colleges within that industry.
They only focus on that particular modality and they often only accept membership from graduates of their own training courses.

There is nothing essentially wrong with that. Provided there is plenty of transparency, value and support for members and the course you are going to study is not ONLY accredited with a modality-based association. If it is, it could mean the college has simply started an association to provide accreditation for their own course. Many modality based associations only approve of a specific style, technique, tradition or lineage of that therapy.

Industry-based Associations are not owned by the same people who own the training colleges.

They are separate, not associated with the colleges and non-bias. Their purpose is to protect the end-user and maintain the integrity of holistic and complementary therapies.

They may offer training courses and professional development training but there is no requirement for members to participate.

They accept members from a very wide variety of different therapeutic modalities.

They are not concerned with the specific styles, techniques, traditions or lineages.

They are concerned with the quality, educational content, course outcomes, scope of information, where that information originated and the integrity of the course provider.

They have a rigorous process which course providers must adhere to, before they provide accreditation for any training courses.

Our courses are accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, The Holistic Healers Association International and the Complementary Medicine Association.

The above industry associations all have an excellent global reputation and a rigorous screening process.
We are very proud to have their stamps of approval.

Our graduates can join the IICT, the HHAI and the CMA, and get professional practitioner insurance.

Mind Body Education courses are all evidence-based and incorporate a wide variety of techniques and styles.

Graduates are able to join the following associations.

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (International Industry Association with its head office in Australia). 

The Complementary Medicine Association (International Industry Association with its head office in the United Kingdom).

Holistic Healers Association International
(International Association with its head office in Australia)

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
(International Association with its head office in the United Kingdom )

The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist Association
(this is a newly established modality association to support HICAT practitioners-
Its free for your first year, provides ongoing support and networking and yes, we own it).

The International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association
(also modality based and owned by us. This association provides our graduates with a huge amount of free resources and support).

Members of all of the above association can be listed on practitioner directories on all of these associations websites, to help drive potential clients directly to you, the qualified and accredited practitioner.





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Meet the Directors

Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan

Founding Principal of the Inner-Voyage College (2008)
Author of the IMTTA Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (IICT Accredited)
Author of the Diploma of Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies (IICT Accredited)
IMTTA Postgraduate Course Author and Researcher
Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher Trainer
Member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors
Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapist
Member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology
Member of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry
Member of the Complementary Medical Association
Member of the Board International Meditation Teachers Association
Founder of Inner Voyage Holistic Human Development

Motivated by a passionate desire for the life-affirming and profoundly healing benefits of self-awareness focused therapies to be available to every person, Isabelle established the Inner-Voyage College in January 2008 after a lifetime of practising Meditation and almost three decades studying, researching and teaching Meditation and a range of associated Wholistic therapies, and practising as a Meditation Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Integrated Creative Arts Therapist, Herbalist and Mind/Body Medicine Practitioner.

Self-awareness changes our lives. It heals us and keeps us healthy.
It awakens us to the beauty in ourselves and in the world.
It makes us whole and connects us with that part of ourselves that believes all things are possible.

Bright blessings


Kerry Doolan

Holistic Complementary Therapist and Meditation Teacher Trainer
Holistic Counsellor
Meditation Teacher and Meditation Teacher Trainer
Holistic Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist
Member of the Board International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association
IMTTA Postgraduate Course Author and Researcher
Chairperson Foundation for Research, Equanimity and Evolution

Kerry has over thirty years’ experience as a teacher, a counsellor and in researching, practicing and teaching Meditation. Kerry specializes in Meditation Therapy, Brain/Body Medicine and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and is passionate about supporting others, as they work toward achieving their career goals, personal development ideals and ultimate good health.

From an IMTTA course graduate:
Kerry Doolan appeared in my life when I needed him the most. I literally experienced the adage ’when the student is ready, master appears’. This program shattered my old self completely. When I enrolled, all I wanted was a certification. But, boy, did I learn! Oh! The structure and content has enriched me like I have not imagined in my wildest thoughts.


Isabelle and Kerry are married and live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. They are both actively involved in researching, teaching and writing course materials and creating resources.


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Here's what our graduates think of us.

We don't want to blow our own trumpet too loudly, but we do get some wonderful feedback from our course graduates. In fact, we have hundreds of emails and messages from happy graduates.

Below is what some of the graduates from Mind Body Education training courses have to say.

Andrea wrote:
I have learned so very much about meditation, chair yoga, holistic counselling and running a successful small business from both an intellectual and practical perspective, and have acquired a large number of complementary and valuable skills, techniques and tools that I will be able to use for the benefit of myself and others for the rest of my life.

Annie Wrote:
There is NO other course that you can do that has the ability to CHANGE YOUR CAREER, INSTANTLY!!! There is simply NOTHING else you could possibly need to start your own holistic wellbeing practice... with all that is given at the completion of Certificate in Meditation and Holistic Counselling!" Annie

Shelly wrote:
This has been a wonderful course which I use often to enhance counselling clients preferring to treat people holistically. I have learned more than I expected and it far exceeded my expectations. I recently opened my own counselling business and am excited about adding holistic ideals and Meditation to my practice. I have completed the Advanced Diploma and look forward to signing up to complete the Masters.

Ian wrote:
Although I thought I knew Meditation and I know business, this course brought it all together, gave it clarity, form and structure. Filled in all the gaps, built my knowledge and my confidence. Without this course, I would never have embarked on my career, it would have always been something to do next year.

Renae wrote:
I have studied Counselling through a government accredited provider and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the content, I felt that it lacked what your course offered. Tools, homework, business set-up ideas, marketing, research, fee structure, connection and ongoing support. I must commend you on not only providing practical information that is going to help one embark as a successful Teacher, but you also gave the other tools to help people embark on this journey feeling confident that they not only have the skills to work in this area, but they have the ethics and understanding of good customer service and professionalism as well.

Damian wrote:
I got tired of looking out the window and dreaming of a different life...I have done a great deal of deep inner work and retraining in various modalities. I can honestly say with the utmost sincerity that it has been the IMTTA course that has provided me with the support, resources, infrastructure and confidence to make my goal a practical reality. You should really be commended for your vision, for supporting healers on their journey and for creating a community of like mind and loving vibration that is meeting the needs of healing in our communities during this time of transition. For somebody like myself who is starting on a blank canvas, with a big heart, pocket full of dreams and untapped potential I am most grateful.

Anna wrote:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for establishing the program, teaching and guiding people - it has changed my journey in life, both personally and professionally in a wonderful, positive way

Marla Wrote:
The journey (through this course) has been a pleasant one as the information is there to revise in a simple and effective manner. If I was to measure my growth both professionally and personally during the last 11 weeks it has been an uphill curve and I feel that my development will serve not only myself, my family and friends but part of the community that surrounds me.

Heather wrote:
Many blessings for the opportunity to attend your course I received my motivation back and my "mojo" to believe in myself again Blessings to you all.

Sue wrote:
The benefits that I found on a personal level whilst doing my IMTTA training course was over whelming. I grew stronger with each module and this helped not only in my working life but my personal life truly benefited.

Bree wrote:
Thank you for all your support. The practitioner kit is AMAZING!!!

Ruth wrote:
Firstly, my congratulations go to the clever and well thought out compilation of the entire course. It is extremely well planned and presented and has been a pleasure to have as a solid foundation. For each of the 11 lessons (in the certificate course) thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the notes I have found the course has brought together and cemented many things that I’ve heard before, and confirmed so much about what was, until now, a glimpse of things to come. I have also learnt so many new things, but most importantly have gained new tools to help me both in the short term and the long term, and I firmly believe these tools will continue to help shape who I am for the rest of my life.

Monica wrote:
The IMTTA course is a great course for foundations on Meditation, yoga and general spiritual topics. The lectures are informative and give a very practical and step by step guide in starting your own business in several areas of interest.

Emmeline wrote:
I was apprehensive about signing up for the IMTTA program because I didn’t know if it would be the right path for me, but I couldn’t have taken a better step! The course(s) is well laid out, informative and interesting. The support and preparation I received empowered me to create my own direction. Whether you intend to continue as a practitioner or just want to learn the material for yourself, IMTTA is a top educational gift to yourself.

Peter Wrote:
My second week (teaching) now and class numbers are up to 29!!!! Word of mouth is starting to work.

Karen wrote:
Thank you for the perfect gift that is the integrity and vast learning of your life, straight from your heart, rolled into your wildly successful Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development training course. All the tools I need to understand my life and direct my future healing, I now have (and know how to recognize if I ever need more). Not only have you shared with us the essential tools for successfully teaching Meditation, and given us the knowledge and tools to be relevant and present with fellow humans going on a development voyage ‘within’ of their own, but you have also given us all confidence to pursue the real parts of who we are in our unique ways. I am forever humbled and grateful to you for being who you are and sharing it so meaningfully, yet professionally, with us.

Erika wrote:
What I have gained from this course: I got my life back! When I started on this course, I wasn’t quite sure where it was going to take me. I wasn’t even sure that I had the motivation to complete it. My life was an absolute train wreck! It took me so long to complete it and I had huge breaks in-between lessons, I thought it was just a motivation thing. I realized that I took so long because I was living the course and some hurdles in my life just took longer to get over and some I had to redo a few times before it cleared the path to the next lesson. I am a believer in what this course can do and how it can change your life.

Carolynne wrote:
I just wanted to say thank you for the IMTTA course. I really enjoyed it. It was very easy to follow and I could see the planning and effort that you have put into all the details.

David wrote:
I found the course personally confronting which in turn showed me a number of areas of my life to look at and own. The course also enabled me to improve my Meditation practice and also to face my academic demons. All in all it has been a wonderful growing experience.

Tracey wrote:
Thank-you for the exceptional work and input you provide to students.

Casey wrote:
The many psychological benefits I have experienced in the past 6 months have been astronomical, I have far more self-confidence and self-awareness and am looking forward with keen interest to a very successful career in Holistic Human Development.

Sam wrote:
I am starting at one of the public schools to do kids Meditation weekly. I’m in for another term at the high school doing the teenage program. I am also soon to start at another Aged Care Centre AND I start basic Meditation & kids Meditation classes next Tuesday. So I’m pretty excited about that.

R.N wrote:
Thank you, I truly enjoyed every aspect of this (certificate level) course. I have started the Mediation for Children course, and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable.

Jane wrote:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for all the work that you have put into the IMTTA (courses). I am very impressed with both the course material and the student support. I feel very pleased to be a part of the IMTTA.

Shanti (Yoga teacher) wrote:
Thank you so much (for my practitioner kit resources)! Wow! I love it. The certificates look great and all the student handouts and study material and marketing brochures and flyers. Just fantastic. I am going to be using all of this. You rock!

Debrah wrote:
This course has so many benefits, not only does it prepare you well to become a teacher in Meditation it is a life changing experience of self-discovery. This course was a light in my life, many months on and I’m using the skills I was taught to bring balance to my life and to others. I received great support from my teacher and all staff, thanks.

Vicki wrote:
The IMTTA Training has assisted me to pursue my lifelong dream to teach Meditation. I love helping people find their inner peace. This course is of the highest standards and I recommend it to all who wish to pursue this path.

Vicki R wrote:
I found the course to be very thorough and the tutors to be very helpful and easy to contact. This course gives you many options for your future both professionally and personally.

Andrea wrote:

I had wanted to do this training course for quite some time, but I suppose the universe gave me the green light when the time was right – when I was best positioned to get the most out of it. What an interesting and enjoyable journey this has been. Never would I have anticipated enjoying a course so much and at so many different levels.

I have learned so very much about meditation, chair yoga, holistic counselling and running a successful small business from both an intellectual and practical perspective, and have acquired a large number of complementary and valuable skills, techniques and tools that I will be able to use for the benefit of myself and others for the rest of my life.

I have explored topics such as human happiness, stress and its effects on health and wellness; I’ve learned about managing stress, subconscious belief systems, the benefits of meditation and have learned about and practiced a wide range of meditation styles; I’ve learned about teaching, working with individuals and groups, managing a business, counselling people. All of the course content has been interesting, thought provoking and beneficial and this has been amplified by the emphasis on the consistent application of practical skills.

The course encouraged me to go within, to reflect on so many things – my life, my happiness, my beliefs, my priorities, my perceptions, my goals and desires, my life purpose, my relationships with myself and others, how I experience my life, my contentment and satisfaction, my gratitude, my character, my values and I have grown as a person as a result.

The emphasis on the practical aspect of the training has seen me cultivate and grow to love my personal meditation practice – something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I had always felt like a bit of a meditation failure, but the course provided me with the tools, support and encouragement I needed to succeed and develop skills that I can use for the benefit and betterment of myself and others for the rest of my years.

I already operate a small business, however the course provided a great deal of useful information and tips that encouraged me to rethink key elements - my targeted client base, marketing, pricing structure, ways of packaging my service offerings, creating a Code of Ethics, and so on. It has prompted me to feel reinvigorated about my business, my chosen career path and the many possibilities and opportunities that await. I have a rekindled enthusiasm for and confidence in my career, and the ways in which I can support and give to others on their own personal journey.

Finally, and very importantly, the supervision I have received has been exemplary – other than at University, I have never done a course that has offered such incredible support. I have consistently been provided with thoughtful, thorough and insightful feedback and guidance. There is a great sense of caring, of belief in me, and a desire for me to succeed and be happy and for this I am sincerely grateful.

Wow! Feedback like this makes us feel our work is so worthwhile and gives us such a sense of purpose - Thank you to the graduates.


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ACN: 626 413 045

WITHIN AUSTRALIA: 07 5302 4779
OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA: +617 5302 4779