Mind Body Education



Diploma of Holistic Empowerment Coaching

Curriculum Area


Minimum Hours

Unit One
Advanced Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development
24 modules

See modules for the Advanced Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development training course

360 hours

Unit Two
Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Telephone Counselling
4 modules

  • Introduction to telephone counselling

  • Using Zoom and other online platforms for counselling

  • Outline of the counselling call

  • The seven core principles of telephone counselling

  • Feelings are key

  • Active listening

  • Minimal encourages

  • Reflection of content

  • Exploration of feelings

  • Open and closed questions

  • Guidelines for summarising

  • Basic telephone counselling communication guidelines

  • Barriers to effective communication

  • Listening skills

  • Self-care

  • Warnings and contras - When not to use telephone counselling

  • Domestic violence and suicidal clients

  • Role play exercises


Required reading:

The telephone counsellor’s role play handbook by Kerry Doolan

Telephone Counselling - A Handbook for Practitioners by Maxine Rosenfield

80 hours

Unit Three
Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Grief and Loss Counselling 
4 modules

  • Introduction grief and loss counselling

  • What is grief?

  • Healing the wounds of grief

  • Grief takes time

  • The journey through grief

  • The grief processes

  • The role of the holistic grief counsellor

  • The pitfalls to avoid

  • Influencing factors on grieving

  • Resources and referrals

  • Complicated grief

  • Depressive grief and clinical depression

  • Dealing with Acute Emergency Situations (AES)

  • The grief counsellor’s role in AES

  • Guidelines for grief counselling

  • Counselling the dying

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Debriefing

80 hours

Unit Four
Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Trauma and Abuse Counselling 
4 modules

  • Introduction to trauma and abuse counselling

  • Trauma

  • How healing happens

  • Foundational Relationship Attachment Concepts

  • Abuse

  • Treatments and Solutions

  • The Role of Love in Healing from trauma and/or Abuse

  • Earned Secure Adult Attachment


Required Reading:
Earned Secure Adult Attachment by Kerry Doolan

80 hours


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