India Intensive Residential Training Retreat

You can bring your partner, spouse, adult child, parent or best buddy?

Partners will share your room. They will not be able to participate in classes (free time each morning for them), but they will be welcome to join in our morning and evening meditation sessions. Chair yoga classes and evening workshops if they wish.

Naturally, they will be very welcome at all our meals, special activities and to come on all of our planned excursions.

The "Non-Student Fee" Includes everything that your fee includes, except the actual certificate or postgraduate level training course.

It includes all meals, accommodation (sharing a room with you in either a double or two single beds) all planned excursions and entry fees, collection from and returns to the airport (with you).

This is an alcohol-free event for everyone staying at the Haveli.

All participants must be over 21 years of age and have travel insurance.

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