India Intensive Residential Training Retreat

Workshops and Sightseeing

Chair Yoga class

Each morning there will be a chair yoga class. These classes are required for certificate level students and optional for postgraduate students.


There will be a morning meditation before breakfast every day and an evening meditation after the workshops for those who wish to participate.

Hindi language lessons

During Breakfast every day, we will have a Hindi language lesson where you can learn some useful words and phrases.


After a morning of study and a delicious lunch, our afternoons are for sightseeing, exploring, shopping, reading, attending workshops and relaxing around the pool.

Here are some of the places you will see:

The colourful local markets - the Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur is a magnificent clock tower in the centre of the city which offers a brilliant panoramic view of the city from the top, surrounded by the busiest and largest marketplace of Jodhpur.

Mandore Garden - located about 10 kilometres from the city of Jodhpur. The garden contains cenotaphs which are built like traditional Hindu temples, unlike other cenotaphs. The garden also contains a ruined fort and palace.

Jaswant Thada - a royal cenotaph built in white marble. It has a small pond and a pretty garden next to it.

The Step Well - is intricate in design and one of the few remaining structures depicting the traditional water management systems of Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum - Voted as the Best Hotel in the world, Umaid Bhawan Palace is also a major tourist attraction in Jodhpur. In 1944, it was the last of the greatest palaces built in Jodhpur. It is named after the then Maharaja of Jodhpur, Raja Umaid Singh. Because of its location on the highest point in Jodhpur.

The Mehrangarh Fort - one of the largest forts in the country. It is located at the top of a 410 feet elevated hill and guarded by huge walls. The fort encloses a museum now which exhibits various belongings of the royals. The palace was built by Rao Jodha in 1459.

The deep blue city – a guided walking tour through the old parts of the Blues City where you will see ancient buildings, amazing views, street temples, sacred trees and how the humble people of Jodhpur live.

Kaylana Lake - a massive humanmade lake on the outskirts of Jodhpur city. It serves as the primary resource for drinking water for the citizens of Jodhpur and other neighbouring settlements.

The Masuria Hill Garden - lies on top of the Masuria Hill, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the city of Jodhpur.

Rai ka Baag Palace – was constructed in 1663 by the queen of Maharaja Jaswant Singh-I, Hadji. It is one of the popular tourist attractions of Jodhpur. The palace is octagonal and currently it houses the income tax office of Jodhpur.

You will also visit some other beautiful temples the tourists don’t know about.

Other Workshops

Workshops are optional to attend and include:

3 Marketing workshops to kick start your Holistic Marketing training course (Highly recommended)
Bollywood dance class
Mendi experience (henna)
Traditional Indian cooking class

After dinner there is time to rest, read, relax, catch up with your classmates, join in a music jam or wander around the shops and markets, they don’t close until late every night.

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