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Public Relations Manager
Part-Time – Telecommute

We are looking for a creative, motivated and passionate Public Relations Manager.

This is a permanent part-time position.

This role offers you the ability to generate an excellent income while enjoying a beautiful life-work balance
in an industry that has true purpose and makes a powerful positive difference in the world.

Work from your own home office. No daily commute!

Work 25 hours per week (Monday to Friday).

Be part of a connected, happy and supportive team.

Bonuses and commissions as well as a regular weekly wage.


4 weeks annual leave with holiday pay.

Work in a field that genuinely helps people live happier healthier lives


The duties our new Public Relations Manager will be required to perform include:

Social media management : Facebook – Maintain several Facebook pages and groups including creating and posting appropriate content, answering questions, monitoring posts, building communities, posting announcements, etc. LinkedIn and Instagram – Building, maintaining and monitoring these and developing other relevant social media platforms.

Liaising with the Managing Director to devise marketing and public relations policies

Liaising with the Managing Director to create marketing campaigns

Lead generation and maintaining data bases

Being aware of the latest developments in marketing and sales technology

Assessing and introducing new marketing and PR initiatives

Overseeing existing marketing strategies and monitoring their effectiveness

Managing a range of activities related to enrolments and meeting monthly enrolment targets

Being familiar with the Holistic Wellbeing industry and developing a comprehensive understanding of the HICAT course

Developing and delivering marketing plans including strategy, goals, budget and tactics

Receiving and responding to course enquiries

Liaising with the Managing Director to set budgets and Key Performance Indicators

Meeting budgets and Key Performance Indicators

Receiving and responding to correspondence requesting industry information

Building onto our extensive list of industry accreditations for our training courses by sourcing and liaising with reputable and relevant industry organizations and associations to meet their membership criteria and complete the modality accreditation application process

The ideal candidate will have a degree in public relations, communications, or a similar discipline with at least five years’ experience in a similar field
or related industry to education and holistic health.

The public relations manager will not be required to do any traveling but will telecommute from their own home/office and will be required to attend meetings via Zoom during work hours.  

The public relations manager will be primarily responsible for maintaining and developing the public image and awareness of the organization. They will create and deliver a variety of campaigns and programs to boost awareness about the industry and the specific training courses we provide.

The public relations manager will liaise with other departments and team members to ensure the content they use on social media, in newsletters and in correspondence to potential students and the public is accurate. They will measure the success of various campaigns to determine their efficiency.

The public relations manager will be required to manage social media for the company, as well as represent the company in front of various media groups. This may include creating media releases and content for media and arranging interviews via pod casts for the Managing director.

The public relations manager will work with managers, creative writers, artists, and other resources to create educational content that attracts positive attention, ensure that a positive and accurate image of the company is maintained and results in increased enrolments.

The public relations manager reports to the Managing Director and the Managing Directors Executive Assistant.

Commencement wage for the Public Relations Manager is $30 per hour with a review every three months.
This accumulates to $750 per week over a 25-hour week.

The public relations manager will also receive bonuses at the end of each month when enrolment targets have been met and/or exceeded.

We are an Australian based, international organization and both Australian and international applicants are welcome.

All applicants must have an excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken.
There will occasionally be telephone calls to make and there is a possibility of this position becoming full time in the future, for the right person, if the public relations manager so desired it.


To apply.
Please do not telephone our office about this position.
Please email your CV with a cover letter outlining what you feel you can offer this position to:  
Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan
Managing Director
Mind Body Education Pty Ltd.

If your application is short-listed we will contact you to arrange an interview via Zoom.

Applications for this position close on November 21st 2020.
Interviews for this position will be conducted between November 23rd and November 27th 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you.








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WITHIN AUSTRALIA: 07 5302 4779
OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA: +617 5302 4779


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