Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling 

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Master Practitioner of Integrative
Counselling Program

2 years - Part-time 

Part One –
Registered Holistic Wellness Coach
21 modules – Part Time - 6 months
6 hours of study per module
1 module per week x 21 modules = 21 weeks
One live Zoom virtual workshop per module
With 5 week's study break
Discover the Holistic Wellness Coach program HERE

Part Two - Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling
17 modules with 40 hours of study per module
10 hours of study each week – each module takes 4 weeks to complete
Plus 4 weeks of supervised clinical practice
Up to 6  weeks of study breaks
Total 18 months of study.
One live Zoom virtual workshop per module.

Integrative counselling is different from conventional counselling. 

Our extensive industry-approved program has been designed by experts in the field to cultivate empathetic and skilled counsellors.

Integrative counselling harnesses a diverse array of techniques from various modalities to personalize a holistic approach for each client's unique healing requirements.

It acknowledges the complexity of individual experiences, recognizing that no single method universally addresses all client challenges.

Through thoughtfully curated modules, students explore human behaviour, wellness, and therapeutic interventions. From foundational holistic counselling principles to advanced techniques integrating in-depth studies of positive psychology, the course offers a transformative learning journey.

Develop an advanced understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and learn how holistic approaches empower comprehensive well-being.

Delve into advanced stress management, positive coping strategies, and resilience-building, acquiring potent tools to guide clients through life's challenges. 

This evidence-based and heart-centred professional program provides hands-on supervised practice, refining counseling skills and integrating evidence-based research for holistic well-being.

Graduate not only as a counsellor but as a holistic wellness facilitator capable of profoundly impacting clients' lives.

Whether you're new to counselling or aiming to enrich your existing practice, our Master Practitioner of Integrative Counseling program offers a transformative route to becoming a skilled and compassionate professional.

Who should do this course?

This pathway leads to a fantastic career as an Integrative Counsellor for those interested in psychology, how we think, why we behave the way we do and how we can live our best possible, healthiest and happiest lives.

Upon successful completion of part one (Registered Holistic Wellness Coach – Part Time - 6 months), students may begin practising as a Registered Holistic Wellness Coach while continuing to study toward their Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling qualification if they wish to do so.

You can establish your own independent wellness business if you wish, and you may also seek employment in holistic healthcare centres, holistic psychology practices, wellbeing clinics, health clubs, natural therapy centres and retreats, gymnasiums, respite centres, and community centres as well as several other areas that seek to employ qualified holistic integrative counsellors with a focus on mind-body therapy, meditation, stress management and positive self-development. 

On completion of this internationally recognized and industry-accredited professional training program, you will have the skills, qualifications, and confidence to establish your own Holistic Integrative Counselling Practice, develop a solid general holistic wellbeing practice or a specialist practice focused on one or more particular areas of interest to you.

Talk to a course advisor.

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Course Fees 

You need to have completed the Holistic Wellness Coach program to enrol in the Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling program.

Postgraduate Student (18-month program) 
First, enrol in and complete the 
Registered Holistic Wellness Coach program - which is part one of this program -  then, upon graduation or soon after, enrol in the Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling program as a Postgraduate Student.

You can find course fees for the Registered Holistic Wellness Coach program HERE

The course fee for Postgraduate Students is:  
Paid in full on enrolment
Total -  $7,500 plus GST = $8,250
Payment Plan
Total -  $8000 plus GST = $8,800
Payment of $540 on enrolment.
Plus, 70  payments of $118 - due weekly. 

We make online learning effective, simple, and fun!

Mind Body Education offers training for this course completely online.

You can study from home at times that work for you. 

Students read lectures and watch some videos. You will be asked to write essays, answer questions, and complete some other activities and exercises.

There are plenty of live classes and support sessions for you to attend. We work with a variety of time zones to suit our international students, and we record support meetings and classes for you to watch later if you cannot attend. 

You can contact your teacher via email or arrange a Zoom call if you need additional support.

There is also an exclusive student social media group where you can connect with your classmates, chat with your teachers and receive information, ideas, and inspiration. 

Virtual Classroom on Zoom

A one-hour Zoom workshop will be held each week at 1 pm Brisbane (Australia) time.
All sessions are recorded and made available for students who cannot attend to watch later.

Virtual classrooms and Zoom sessions have revolutionized the landscape of online education, offering an array of powerful benefits to students engaging in online courses. Here are just a few of the benefits - 
  1. Global Accessibility: Break geographical barriers and access world-class education from anywhere.
  2. Flexibility: Craft your schedule around your life, enabling a better balance between learning and personal commitments.
  3. Engagement: Participate actively through real-time discussions, live polls, and collaborative tools, fostering interaction and learning.
  4. Revisit Sessions: Recorded sessions allow for review and reinforcement of concepts, accommodating diverse learning paces.
  5. Inclusivity: Cater to various learning styles and needs, ensuring everyone can thrive in the learning environment.
  6. Accessibility Features: Ensure education is accessible to all, regardless of physical limitations or special requirements.
  7. Personalized Learning: Tailor your educational journey to fit your pace and preferences, making the experience uniquely yours.

This program contains the following modules.
Students can also attend weekly Zoom meetings with their teacher.
 Video replays are available for meetings and masterclasses you cannot attend. 

Course Content - Part One 
Registered Holistic Wellness Coach

Part One – Registered Holistic Wellness Coach
21 modules – Part Time - 6 months
6 hours of study per module
1 module per week x 21 modules = 21 weeks
One live Zoom virtual workshop per module
With 5 week's study break

Module One: Holistic Health Philosophy
Module Two: Integrative Medicine
Module Three: Nutrition and Dietetics (Part One)
Module Four: Nutrition and Dietetics (Part Two)
Module Five: Mind-Body Medicine
Module Six: Mindfulness and Meditation Practices (Part One)
Module Seven: Mindfulness and Meditation Practices (Part Two)
Module Eight: Understanding the Cause & Effects of Stress
Module Nine: Foundations of Human Happiness
Module Ten: Tools for Healing (Part One)
Module Eleven: Tools for Healing (Part Two)
Module Twelve: Meditation Styles and Techniques
Module Thirteen: Alternative Healing Modalities
Module Fourteen: Teaching Skills
Module Fifteen: Working With Specific Groups
Module Sixteen: Holistic Counselling and Psychology
Module Seventeen: Holistic Counselling Tools
Module Eighteen: Environmental Health
Module Nineteen: Designing and Facilitating Classes and Workshops
Module Twenty: Virtual, Corporate, And Community Settings
Module Twenty-One: Holistic Small Business Management
Module Twenty-Two: Marketing: The Key to Success

There are required reading books for this program - with a total value of around $100.

Course Content - Part Two
Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling

Part Two - Master Practitioner of Integrative Counselling
17 modules with 40 hours of study each
10 hours of study each week – each module takes 4 weeks
One live Zoom virtual workshop per module.
68 weeks of study at 10 hours of study per week
Plus 10 hours of supervised clinical practice
Plus 4 weeks of study breaks selected by the student
Total of study.

Unit 1: Foundations of Holistic Integrative Counselling
Module 1: Introduction to Holistic Integrative Counselling
Module 2: Introduction to Holistic Counselling
Module 3: Positive Psychology Fundamentals
Module 4: Understanding Stress and its Effects
Unit 2: Holistic Wellness and Human Behaviour
Module 5: Holistic Models of Wellness
Module 6: Human Behaviour and Holistic Perspective
Module 7: Mind-Body Techniques for Stress Management
Unit 3: Positive Psychology in Counselling
Module 8: Applications of Positive Psychology
Module 9: Strength-Based Counselling Approach
Module 10: Coping Strategies and Resilience
Unit 4: Advanced Holistic Counselling Techniques
Module 11: Advanced Counselling Skills
Module 12: Specialized Topics in Holistic Therapy
Module 13: Mind-Body Practices in Healing
Unit 5: Holistic Counselling Practicum
Module 14: Supervised Practice
Module 15: Research in Holistic Counselling
Module 16: Integration and Future Directions
Module 17: Launching Your Holistic Counselling Practice

There are required reading books for this program - with a total value of around $100.  

Internationally Industry Recognised

This course is recognized in 27 countries:
Oceania: Australia &  New Zealand
UK and Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands
South Africa 
United States

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