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Are you ready to train for a rewarding career as a holistic therapist?

We can help you gain an internationally industry-approved qualification and build a rewarding career in the holistic wellbeing field.

Winner of the Global Health and Pharma Mental Health Awards 3 years in a row! 

Registered Holistic Wellness Coach
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AND On-Campus in Cooroy, Queensland

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy (HICAT) 
Training Program
Online/Virtual Campus

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Master Practitioner of Holistic Art TherapyTraining Program
Online/Virtual Campus
AND On-Campus in Cooroy, Queensland

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Since 2016, more than 5,700 people have graduated from a Mind Body Education training program and stepped into a career
as an industry-recognized holistic therapist.

Who Chooses to Study with Us?

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, all age groups and for many different reasons, here are just a few. 
 DROP OUT rates for online courses

General Online Courses: 40% to 80%
Traditional In-Person Courses: 10% to 20% (for comparison)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Up to 90%
Formal Online Degree Programs: 20% to 50%

We think these drop out rates are huge!

At Mind Body Education, our drop out rate is only 5%

Here is why our students stand a better chance of completing their training programs.

Individual Support:
Personalized attention ensures that students feel valued and not just another number in the system.
Tailored guidance helps address specific challenges and learning needs.
You will get to know your teachers and assessors throughout the course, and they will get to know you.

Weekly Live Zoom Workshops and Master Classes:
Regular live interactions foster a sense of community and engagement.
We provide live Q&A sessions, Master Classes and even hands-on workshops at a variety of times to support students worldwide.
We recorded all sessions to offer flexibility, allowing students to watch later if they cannot attend live classes.

Study Buddy Program
 A study buddy is a peer who collaborates with a student to study and complete assignments, offering several benefits for online students:
Accountability: They help each other stay on track with coursework and deadlines.
Motivation: They provide encouragement and support, boosting motivation.
Enhanced Learning: Discussing and explaining concepts improves understanding and retention.
Resource Sharing: They share notes, study guides, and useful links, enhancing the learning experience.
Problem-Solving: Collaborating leads to more effective and creative solutions to difficult problems.
Social Interaction: They provide a sense of connection and community, reducing feelings of isolation.
Overall, having a study buddy makes online learning more engaging, effective, and enjoyable.

Student Support Manager:
Dedicated support managers provide continuous assistance and motivation.
Proactive monitoring and intervention help keep students on track with their studies.
We are dedicated to supporting you to complete the course you have selected tp enrol in. 

Interactive and Easy-to-Use Course Work Submission and Assessment Processes:
User-friendly platforms make it easy for students to submit work and receive feedback.
Interactive assessments enhance engagement and reinforce learning.

Engaging and Evidence-Based Course Work:
Our fun and relevant content keeps students interested and motivated to learn.
Evidence-based materials ensure the coursework is both effective and credible.
Our programs offer both a professional training pathway and a personal growth journey.

Student Facebook Group:
Our Social Media Classrooms provide a platform for students to connect with classmates and teachers when and where they want to.
The exclusive and private Facebook groups offer inspiration, additional information, and a space to ask questions and receive answers.

These factors collectively contribute to significantly higher retention rates by making the learning experience supportive, engaging, flexible, and enjoyable.

Invest in your future with confidence—choose a training provider that will guide and support you every step of the way to success.

Our courses are internationally
industry-accredited and award-winning.

We have been nominated for and won several awards, including:

M & A Today Best Global Holistic Therapist Training Provider 2021, 2022 and 2023

Corporate Vision Global Education and Training Awards  2021, 2022 and 2023

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists awarded the Seal of Excellence - Global Education Ambassador 2021, 2022 and 2023

Best Online Creative Arts Therapy Training Provider - Australia in the Mental Health Awards 2022 and 2023 AND 2024!

Best Global Holistic Therapy Training Provider 2023 - Australia in the Corporate America Today – Annual Awards.