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The Full Body Relaxation - Guided Meditation (Read by Joanna) 

This deep muscle relaxation exercise is an excellent instant relaxation routine, but it is much more than that!

It is a very important tool for training the brain to adopt new habits where stress and the body’s capacity for holding on to the effects of stress is concerned, for the following reasons.
• It helps to quiet and focus the mind
• It releases tension from the muscles
• It regulates breathing
• It releases the body from the effect of stress (fight-or-flight response)
• It becomes a tool that can be used any place, any time to bring instant calm to the mind and the body
• It teaches our brains how to recognise and instantly address the symptoms of stress in the body and this is the most important factor!

Most people spend most of their time engaged in the fight-or-flight response without even knowing it. They are unaware of this because they have simply become used to the way it feels. Their brain has adapted to having tight muscles all of the time, and it registers the sensation of muscle tension as normal.

For many people, tensing a muscle proves difficult because the muscles are already tense!
Practising the muscle relaxation exercise regularly (once every day at the very least) trains the brain to (a) recognise the difference between a tense and relaxed muscle. and (b) automatically relax muscles when they begin to tense.
The Full Body Relaxation Exercise