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Live your life on purpose

Become a Licensed Training Provider
With your own successful holistic training business. 

Future proof your financial security in a high-demand industry. 

  Training holistic therapists live on campus, from home via Zoom or completely online allows you freedom and amazing income potential
while you help people live happier, healthier lives
and make the world a better place.

Training people to establish and run their own holistic therapist training organizations is what we do.
We have been doing it for a long time now, and we are extremely good at it! 

💥 Comprehensive training and solid support.

💥 Collaborative assistance in establishing your holistic training business from scratch to being fully equipped and prepared to accept enrollments.

💥 Ongoing training and unwavering support to empower you on the path to success.

Become a training provider
We can provide you with everything you need to open and successfully run your own industry-accredited holistic training organization.
The best training courses
We provide all the training you need to confidently deliver award-winning practitioner training courses. 

We also supply your curriculum, resources, guidance, step-by-step processes and ongoing support to help you build a successful holistic training organization. 

Live a life filled with purpose
We provide a training pathway so you can build a beautiful lifestyle and a great income, work the hours you choose, and, best of all, you can help thousands of people live happier
and healthier lives.

Together we really can help make the world a better place.

Our focus is firmly fixed on -assisting new training providers to help increase the number of well-trained, functional practitioners who are desperately needed to help address the current mental health crisis.

This is the absolute best time to get into this space.
We see a huge demand, and we are dedicated to doing all we can to facilitate the possibilities for people who want to change their lives.
We can help you to help them and together, we can guide literally thousands of people to live happier and healthier lives.

We seek individuals who share these fundamental values and are ready to embark on this meaningful journey with us.

We are offering everything you need to establish and succeed in your own holistic training business, and we have made it as accessible as we possibly can.

Our Training Provider Success Program

Participate in this program 100% online from the comfort of your own home at times that work for you.

What do you get?

  • A full year of training and support to provide you with all the tools, skills and confidence you need to set up and successfully run your own holistic training business
  • The training course you want to deliver,  to complete and graduate from yourself, with our support, if you are not already a graduate.
  • A full year of access to our industry-accredited, award-winning training programs to deliver through your own training business.
  • The opportunity to continue using our industry-accredited and award-winning training programs year after year through a licensing agreement. 
  • Use of our course delivery platform with your own branding for your students
  •  Access to our exclusive training provider network.
  • Access and training in tried and tested marketing strategies to help you attract students and grow your business.
  • Learn to model your business on, and gain marketing insights from, a very successful and acknowledged award-winning leader in the global holistic wellbeing training industry.
  • Extensive teacher training.
  • Access to a comprehensive library of resources and templates 
  • The first year of membership as an approved training provider with the IICT - paid for you and all the assistance required to complete your successful application. 
  • Listing on our training provider directory to help you attract students and grow your business
  • Branding - we help you design and develop your new holistic business image.
  • Training to help you set up all your social media platforms.
  • Training and support to help you create your own website - Simple, user-friendly programs you will love using to create a beautiful website that truly reflects you and your business.
  • Getting started - We lead you to being completely set up and ready to launch your holistic business. 
  • Sales training - Learn to convert enquiries into enrolments naturally and easily.
  • Launch your business - Open for enrolments!
  • Ongoing training so you continue to grow.
  • Ongoing support, so while it is your very own business (not a branch or franchise), you are never all alone.

 Throughout this program, you will receive a great deal of live support, including extensive teacher training and practical help to set up your business from scratch to open for enrolments!

 Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Sessions 
Participants either attend or watch a video recording of each meeting if they cannot attend. 

You will also receive a lot of individual support via email and one-on-one Zoom meetings. 

You can also connect with other training providers and Mind Body Education team members to receive information, inspiration and support whenever you need it through our exclusive social media group.
A comprehensive  training program 

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering key aspects such as understanding the role of a holistic training provider, effective time management for self-employment and setting up a productive workspace with relevant apps and programs. You will explore areas like fostering a positive mindset, planning and structuring offerings, identifying target audiences, building a distinctive brand image, and establishing foundational business processes. 

Participants will also learn to create a website with effective marketing strategies, use social media platforms for business growth, and master customer service skills. 

The practical components include content creation through videos and eBooks, leveraging automated tools like Kartra for email and leads, and refining sales techniques to convert inquiries into enrollments. 

The program also focuses on honing teaching skills in the Holistic Training and Assessment field. 

Invest in your future 
In the second stage of this program, you will be running your new holistic training organization, and we anticipate you will start generating an income as we support you in developing your teaching skills and building your business.

If you are inspired by personal freedom,  financial security and living a purposeful life where you make a real positive difference in the world, this path is perfect for you. 

Choose your country to explore this program further.

Find out more! 

Ask a question, send a message or book a Zoom call with Isabelle to learn about this program and how we can support you in reaching your personal dreams and professional goals.

Discover the possibilities for your income potential.