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Industry Accredited & Internationally Recognized Training for Holistic Therapists
Our Courses

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy 

Meditation Teacher Training 

Corporate Stress Management Practitioner 

Advanced Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Practitioner 

Practitioner of Meditation Therapies 

Master Practitioner of Holistic Empowerment Coaching  (Counseling) 

Choose Industry Approved 
Holistic Therapist Training Programs

  1. Evidence-Based
    All of our training courses are evidence-based, providing you with a respected, professional qualification.
  2. Industry Approved
    Award-winning, internationally accredited, and industry-approved training. 
  3. Heart Centered
    Our course content and training style is heart-centered. We value and help you incorporate and develop your intuition and lived experience.
  4. Study Completely Online
    Study when and where it suits you with online programs and flexible live class options from the comfort of your own home.  
  5. Study Support
    High-level live support, masterclasses, video replays for when you can't make it, a dedicated tutor, and student network groups to keep you connected, inspired, and informed.
  6. Career  Support
    We provide ongoing support and professional development training to make sure you get a career and not just a qualification.
  7. Security
    Mind body education was established in 2008, and since then we have helped thousands of students step into holistic wellbeing careers where they can live their passion making a real difference in the world. We are the original and most highly accredited training organization in our field. 

More than a training course

We can help you turn your passion for holistic wellbeing and helping others into a rewarding career that will change your life. 


Our graduates can join seven international associations and have their qualifications recognized in more than 20 countries around the world. 


Our graduates can get professional insurance and work legally in more than 20 countries.


We provide ongoing support and resources to help you build your holistic career, including guidance with marketing to help you attract clients and grow your well-being business.